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Accurate record keeping is of prime importance in today’s Medico Legal environment. This is also one of the key recommendations from the FGDP . In multiple instances a dentist’s career has been affected by the GDC FTP procedure for want of accurate and contemporaneous notes . I am now a daily user of the GABBY software ever since it was introduced to me by Greg Pierre in a discussion forum. The software is very simple but very powerful as it prompts you to cover all the recommendations in note keeping, it also have an option to audit your note keeping regularly so that it satisfies another of the GDC and clinical governance standards . I thought my notes were comprehensive but when gabby came it has become much more detailed , the beauty is the nurse can type it in as you talk to the patient and you can go back later and fill in the rest to make it very comprehensive. It isn’t resource hungry in your computer as well . I won’t go back to manual notes anymore and would recommend everyone to take this up


In a time when dentists do not have the upper hand, this app helps to level the playing field. It's a great idea


Gabby is brilliant and works perfectly. I encourage all dentists to try it. Works well with our practice management system


Young dentists need to use this. Simple and effortless. Well done Surell


Gabby is a smart piece of software designed to not spoon feed the dentist but to act as a tool on their journey to raising their standards of record keeping. And it’s free. 


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