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Welcome to our page. Here you can download Gabby for free, plus gain access to several resources to help you get started. Please note that Gabby runs on Windows computers. We recommend you download the User Guide to show you how to use Gabby. Please also watch the videos below, to help you get the most out of Gabby. We hope you enjoy using the software and we would love to know what you think, so feel free to send us your comments on the Contact page. If you like what you see, share this page. 


About Gabby

Gabby means:




Bolam for


Gabby is the first dental analytical software on the market; almost like a Fitbit for dental record keeping.

Gabby provides structured templates encouraging you to capture essential information for an appointment type, and allows you the dentist to assess the quality of your own patient records based on statistics, which can be observed over time.


Our aim is to create an opportunity for you that will see an increase in both the quality of dental records and in dentist satisfaction. 

How to use Gabby

For the adult examination template, as a point of guidance we would suggest the nurse fill out what she can in the following sections:



IOEx (apart from step 4,6 and 7)


You can complete the rest, namely :

IOEx - step 4,6 and 7



Remember to make the most detailed note in less time, complete the template in conjunction with your nurse, during the appointment.

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