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Gaining patient satisfaction in an unsatisfied world

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

To obtain patient satisfaction, many factors come into play. In June 2018, Dental Protection’s Riskwise stated that the “most influential in maintaining patient loyalty is communication of care and attention.” The article goes on to say that Dentists should focus on developing “effective communication skills before during and after treatment.”

This is a very succinct way of what is means to go above and beyond in our interactions with our patients today. But in order for this to be achieved, time is key. Sufficient time is needed in surgery, to establish a healthy dentist-patient relationship. The specifics may vary from patient to patient but the mechanics remain the same. And to be honest with better quality notes, better decisions are made regarding who would benefit most from a conversation after a given treatment has completed and why. Better note quality will also offer priceless assistance to any dentist before an appointment takes place as a form of pre-appointment preparation.

Gabby not only helps create this time in surgery but it also helps improve the quality of record keeping . Gabby has been designed to integrate with the dentists current work flow and address the well documented concerns associated with record keeping. Gabby’s template is designed to be completed by both the dentist and nurse. With the nurse taking off some of the strain of record keeping, time is created that must be best spent engaging with one’s patients.

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